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What States Allow Short-Term Health Insurance?

What are the pros and cons of short-term coverage? While the federal government has relaxed the rules for short-term health insurance, each state can make its own insurance regulations. In fact, insurance is largely regulated by the state and not the federal government.



Alabama Up to 12 months 36 months 
Alaska Up to 12 months Y  36 months  
Arizona Up to 12 months Y 36 months 
Arkansas Up to 12 months Y  36 months  
California None Available N/A   N/A
Colorado None Available N/A  N/A
Connecticut None Available N/A  N/A
Delaware None Available N/A  N/A
District of Columbia 3 months 3 months
Florida Up to 12 months  36 months  
Georgia Up to 12 months Y  36 months 
Hawaii None Available N/A  N/A
Idaho 364 days N 364 days
Illinois 180 days  N   6 months An enrollee cannot purchase a new short-term plan from the same issuer within 60 days of the termination of a previous short-term plan
Indiana Up to 364 days   Y 36 months  
Iowa 36 months Y * The Iowa Insurance Division proposed extensive new rules for short-term plans that last more than 3 months, but the state’s rules committee rejected them. The Insurance Division is working on a new proposal, but the details aren’t yet public. 
Kansas Up to 365 days One 24 months 
Kentucky Up to 12 months  36 months 
Louisiana Up to 12 months 36 months
Maine 364 days Y 24 months
Maryland Up to 3 months
Massachusetts None Available  N/A N/A 
Michigan 185 days No 185 days within any 365 day period
Minnesota 185 days No, but can purchase additional plans  Total time enrolled in short-term plans can’t exceed 365 days in any 555-day period. 
Mississippi Up to 12 months  Y 36 months  
Missouri 6 months  Y 36 months * Plans can be renewed to a total of 36 months as long as each term is six months or less.
Montana 364 days Y 36 months  
Nebraska Up to 12 months
Nevada Up to 185 days  N 185 days
New Hampshire No sell state N/A  N/A
New Jersey None Available N/A   N/A  
New Mexico None Available N/A   N/A  
New York None Available N/A   N/A  
North Carolina 364 days  Y  36 months  
North Dakota 6 months
Ohio 364 days N 52 weeks
Oklahoma 364 days Y 36 months
Oregon 3 months Yes, but the 3-month total duration limit includes renewals.  3 months 
Pennsylvania 364 days Y 36 months
Rhode Island None Available N/A  N/A
South Carolina 11 months  Y 33 months 
South Dakota Up to 6 months  N 6 months South Dakota statute also requires insurers offering short-term plans to file a statement certifying that the policies are not being sold as a substitute for major medical insurance, and are instead supplemental insurance  
Tennessee Up to 364 days  36 months   
Texas Up to 364 days  Y   36 months    
Utah Up to 363 days No 363 days  
Vermont None Available N/A  N/A  
Virginia Up to 6 months N 6 months
Washington None Available  N/A N/A
West Virginia 364 days Y 36 months
Wisconsin 365 days 18 months  Consumers can start new coverage (with the same insurer) after a 63-day break.
Wyoming 364 days Y 36 months

Yes, short-term health insurance can provide many people with a great value and a good solution when they need affordable coverage quickly. It’s just that these non-ACA plans aren’t regulated the same way that ACA policies are, so people must understand some risks they may take by opting for the temporary protection of short-term health insurance.

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