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What are the Benefits of Good Oral Hygiene?

Excellent oral hygiene not only protects your teeth, it’s an important factor in avoiding serious health issues and giving you overall positive health and confidence. There are an abundant amount of benefits of having excellent oral hygiene. Here are 5 benefits: 

Prevents Cavities & Gum Disease

The most obvious benefit of good oral hygiene is the basic prevention of cavities and gum disease. Brushing correctly at least twice a day and flossing daily can help stop these common dental problems. The plaque build-up around your teeth causes gum disease or gingivitis, which needs to be cleaned off regularly to keep your mouth healthy. 

Keeps Your Bright Smile

You can use whitening treatments to whiten your teeth, but by brushing your teeth regularly will help brush away any stains or discoloration. 

Prevents More Serious Diseases

Having good oral hygiene leads to better overall health and will help you avoid problems like diabetes, heart disease, or dementia. Studies have shown that the bacteria that commonly cause gum disease are also found in patients with heart disease. Any gum disease can make it harder to control your blood glucose. Poor oral health can also increase your risk of developing dementia by a third.

Stops Bad Breath

Bad breath is caused by bacteria in your mouth that eventually turn into plaque. Brushing and regular cleanings visits will remove plaque and prevent calculus formation on your teeth. It also keeps your breath smelling fresh.

Lower Health Care Costs

Taking care of your oral health can save you a lot of money in health care costs over your lifetime. The cost of some toothpaste tubes, floss, and regular check-ups is a small price to pay for overall health and well-being.

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