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Update: Horizon explains OMNIA Alliance

In 2015 when Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey released OMNIA’s tiered network plan, which is now one of the most popular plans available. At the time it was followed by a line of lawsuits aimed at the insurer and the State Department of Banking and Insurance. This overshadowed the Alliance program which aims to level the playing field between provider and insurer while providing a place for competitors to sit and discuss best practices. Horizon is now bringing light to the many programs being run under Alliance in an effort to garner support and lower healthcare costs.
Alliance aims to work one-on-one with Hospitals, Social Services, and the insurers to identify reoccurring diagnosis like venereal diseases, drug addiction, and diabetes, find the duplications in the process like multiple case workers, and streamline the process. This benefits the patient, the insurance company, and the hospital. Though health systems were initially hesitant, they have moved towards being enthusiastic about the new program which, if it continues to be successful as it has been in Newark, could benefit everyone. 
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