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People with Dental Insurance are Healthier

Studies over recent years show a connection between oral health and overall health in both adults and children. This connection is largely due to an association with periodontal disease, or gum disease, and systemic diseases. Cardiovascular disease, stroke, cancer, and respiratory disease all impact an individual’s oral health. Since the health of our mouth impacts our overall health, can we reason that people with dental benefits are healthier? In many cases across the country, it’s about having dental benefits and having easy access to dental care that helps determine oral and overall health.

Access to Dental Care

Families with dental insurance are almost twice as likely to get preventive care as those without it. We understand why it’s important to you and your family that your dentist is someone you trust. It’s also important that they are close to where you live or work.

If you have dental benefits and a conveniently located dentist, you are more likely to get the care you and your family need for a healthy smile. So, with access to a dentist, what is the general impact of having or not having dental benefits?

  • Those who do not have dental benefits are more likely to have extractions, dentures, and other restorative care.
  • Americans with dental benefits are more likely to go to the dentist, receive preventive care, and experience greater overall health.

People with Dental Benefits are Healthier

There is a connection between having dental benefits and being healthier. Because those without coverage are less likely to see the dentist for regular cleanings and checkups, they experience gum disease and other oral health-related problems. These problems can be uncomfortable or painful, and lead to overall health concerns.

Delta Dental’s State of Oral Health Report shows that 9 in 10 adults with dental insurance indicated that having coverage is well worth the cost and gives them a reason to visit the dentist at least once a year, and 93% of adults reported that they considered oral health to be very – if not extremely important to overall health.

The State of Oral Health Report, sponsored by Delta Dental, also indicated that among adults who visited the dentist in 2020, those with insurance are significantly more likely to have sought preventive care than those without coverage (87% of adults with dental insurance visited the dentist compared to 66% of adults without dental coverage).

“The health of our teeth and gums contributes to our overall health and general quality of life, including the ability to eat without pain or to smile with confidence,” Joe Dill, DDS, MBA, Delta Dental Plan’s Association’s vice president of dental science said. “Dental insurance helps to promote routine, preventive care to maintain our healthy smiles.”

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