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Open Season on Employee Benefits

The U.S office of Personal Management has sent out the first annual notifications to agencies for this year’s benefits open season.  Once open season begins, employees may enroll in the Federal Employee Health Benefits program. Those employees who have already been enrolled may also change plans or types of coverage.

The rates and coverage terms for the FEHB will be announced in September and then open season will run from November 13-December 11. There are only a small amount of changes to be expected, which have already sent to carriers earlier in the year to kick off the annual process of negotiation.

More details:

·         Maximums for dependent care accounts will remain $5,000 for dependent care accounts and $2,600 for health care accounts

·         $500 allowable carryover from year-to-year in health care accounts applies only if the employee has such an account in the following year

·         Active employees may enroll in the flexible spending account program, choosing either health care accounts, dependent care accounts, or both.

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