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Mandatory benefits business must offer employees in NJ.

Employee benefits insurance is an important part of a company’s overall benefits package, and it is mandatory for most businesses in New Jersey to provide their employees with certain types of benefits. Here are some of the latest developments in employee benefits insurance in New Jersey:

  1. Paid Family Leave: New Jersey now requires employers to provide paid family leave to their employees. This benefit allows eligible employees to take up to 12 weeks of paid time off to care for a newborn or newly adopted child, or to care for a family member with a serious health condition.
  2. Minimum Wage Increase: New Jersey raised its minimum wage to $15 per hour, which means that employees earning the minimum wage will have a higher salary to support their living expenses. This can help employees pay for their own insurance premiums, which can be a significant expense.
  3. Health Insurance: Employers in New Jersey are required to provide their employees with health insurance. Many employers offer a variety of health insurance plans to choose from, including high-deductible health plans, PPOs, and HMOs. Employers may also offer additional benefits such as dental and vision insurance.
  4. Retirement Benefits: Employers in New Jersey are required to provide their employees with a retirement plan, such as a 401(k) plan. This allows employees to save for their retirement and receive matching contributions from their employer.
  5. Disability Insurance: Employers in New Jersey are required to provide disability insurance to their employees. This insurance provides income replacement if an employee becomes disabled and is unable to work.

In conclusion, employee benefits insurance is an important part of any company’s overall benefits package. New Jersey has many laws and regulations in place to ensure that employees are provided with the necessary benefits to support their health and well-being. Employers should review their benefits packages regularly to ensure that they are providing their employees with competitive benefits that meet their needs.