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How to Pick Between Candidates?

You are looking to hire for a particular position in your company, but you have more than one great candidate. How do you pick between them? When both candidates match your job description, have the experience required, and seem to have similar skill sets, you’re going to need new selection criteria to narrow down your decision. This means you will have to start looking at the finer details of each candidate. 

Here are some significant additional hiring factors to consider.

Cultural add

Would they bring in a unique perspective or set of experiences that would help you expand your business etc.? Do they offer something you’re missing?

Bonus skills

When candidates have all the required skillset, look for additional areas of expertise that would benefit your team. Does one applicant offer one more skill that the other might not have that would be useful to you?

Soft skills

Are there specific soft skills beyond the role’s must-haves that would potentially improve customer interactions or team dynamics? For example:

  • Communication
  • Active listening
  • Empathy
  • Flexibility
  • Creativity
  • Growth mindset


Does one applicant seem more motivated to succeed than the other? Is one more forward-thinking? Which candidate would be able to come in and contribute more quickly or more independently?

For every hire, and especially ones where the final decision is more critical than usual, it’s important to take steps to minimize your employer liability.

Making the final decision

When you’ve finished evaluating your top candidates by yourself, sometimes it’s helpful to seek feedback from other people who’ve been involved in the hiring process (and who are objective). Reach out to the candidates’ references or review your notes again. Once you bring all this information together, one candidate will emerge as your top choice, and you’ll be ready to extend a job offer.

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