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How to Cope with Daylight Savings Time?

Most of us look forward to springtime, but not to losing the hour of sleep when clocks spring forward.

Spring kicks off daylight, saving time, and clocks will be turned ahead one hour. Losing that one hour of sleep can affect productivity, concentration, and physical and mental health. Fortunately, sleep experts have some simple tips to help us adjust to the time change. And that can help us minimize the accidents and health problems that are linked to it.

Even though the clock says 8 a.m., your body will think it’s 7 a.m. This can leave you feeling groggy for several days, especially in the morning. Here are a few tips for doing that:

Start getting to bed earlier.

You can ease your body into the time change by starting your nighttime routine 15 minutes earlier in the days leading up to the start of daylight saving time. 

Be consistent.

Wake up at the same time each morning to keep your sleep cycle more regular. Although sleeping in can help you feel more rested in the short-term, it causes difficulties falling asleep and waking up during the week. In fact, getting out of bed simultaneously every morning is the single best way to improve sleep and wake functioning. On the first Sunday of daylight saving time, get up at your regular time whether you had a good night’s sleep or not. And avoid taking a nap if it’s not part of your typical routine.

Enjoy the longer evenings.

One great perk about spring and daylight saving time is more sunlight in the evenings. Sunlight helps naturally reset your body clock. 


Being physically active is good for your health, and it can help you sleep better, too. Go for a walk or run outdoors during daylight, where you are exposed to natural sunlight. But try to avoid working out too close to your bedtime. 

Reduce screen time.

Television, tablets, and phones may help you unwind for the evening, but they can stimulate your brain and make it harder to fall asleep. Try avoiding hand-held screens and computer displays at least two hours before bed, and avoid television at least an hour before bedtime.

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