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How Organize Your Home Day Will Keep Your Family Healthy

Organize Your Home Day, the perfect chance to quit making excuses for one day, get down to business and get your home back into shape!  I think we all need one day where we set aside everything to clean the house from head to toe.  Cleaning your entire house is important to maintain your health.  There can be dust and bacteria hiding in every crevice of your house!  Here are some tips to clean the house without it being dreadful to do:

-Get your cleaning supplies out and get scrubbing and organizing.

-Get your family to help you organize, give everyone a task and award them for finishing them.

-Hold an organizing party, and have friends help you. You can thank them by making them their favorite meal or by helping them organize their home in return.

-Make an organization itinerary. Attack a room or an area every week and you will have an organized home in no time.

-Declutter by donating things you don’t use anymore.

ALSO, cleaning can burn calories!  On average, mopping the floors for an hour will help you burn about 160 calories.  Cleaning your house also reduces allergies, improves sanitation, reduces mold, lowers risk of injury, and reduces stress.  So put aside everything and get cleaning!