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How Grief Affects Your Mind And Body

Grief can have a significant effect on your overall health. Those with chronic illnesses and advanced age will see these effects way more.

The “widowhood effect” – the increased likelihood for a recently widowed person to die – has been proven by a lot of research. Recent studies have shown that likelihood of recent widows to pass within the first three months of their spouse’s death is 40 to 90 percent. Their mortality is fifteen percent after the three months have passed. One study followed over 370,000 elderly couples, researchers found an 18 percent increase in death for men when the wife died first, and a 16 percent increase in death for women whose husband preceded them in death.

1. Isolation and loneliness/depression.

Losing your soul mate or partner you have been with the majority of your life can lead to feelings of loneliness and depression. Researchers have also found that when a surviving spouse has a chronic disease – such as COPD or Parkinson’s (as in the case of President Bush) – they may become more prone to accidents or lapses in treatment for their disease. Another study found that the risk of heart attack increases 21-fold in the 24 hours following the death of a spouse, and this risk slowly decreases over the ensuing weeks to months.

2. Stress hormones/Takotsubo’s cardiomyopathy.

During a traumatic event, our bodies can release large amounts of stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol. In extreme cases, this massive release of stress hormones can result in something called Takotsubo’s cardiomyopathy. Also known as a stress-induced cardiomyopathy, this condition occurs more frequently in women and can mimic the signs and symptoms of a real heart attack – including chest pain, shortness of breath and even, in rare cases, sudden death. Most cases of Takotsubo’s cardiomyopathy are reversible, and most patients recover completely.

3. Fatigue

When a spouse passes on, many get extreme exhaustion in the following days or months.  Extreme exhaustion can cloud your thinking and make it hard to accomplish daily activities.
Fatigue can also cause our bodies to weaken and are not able to fight sickness off as well.


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