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Group Health Insurance vs. Individual Health Insurance 

Getting health insurance for yourself and your family is always a great idea. You probably know the benefits of having health insurance and how it comes in handy during medical emergencies, allowing us to get the best medical help possible rather than waiting to get the finances ready for the treatment.

There are a bunch of health insurance companies offering many different health benefits plans. A medical emergency can wipe out your savings, and a robust health insurance policy provides solid protection from this scenario and helps you make decisions about long-term investments.

We are often confused about opting for a Group Health Insurance policy or buying an Individual Health Insurance policy. What if your employer includes you in a group health policy? Is it better than an Individual health insurance policy? 

The breaking down

Even if there is a similarity between group health insurance and individual health insurance, a group health insurance policy has many other advantages.

The company pays the premium.

With a group health insurance plan, the employer pays the bulk of the premium and not the employee, making the insurance more affordable and a job incentive.

Extended coverage

When an employee receives group health insurance coverage, it also is extended to dependents your family members. 

Zero waiting period

In group health insurance, the health coverage offered by the company is determined by the company. The waiting period could be the first day of employment or up to 90 days after your hire date.  


Like there are two sides to a coin, there are certain limitations in Group health insurance over Individual health insurance plans. Like the following.

    1. A group health insurance policy becomes invalid after retirement.
    2. Sometimes cost conscious companies may ask the employee to pay the premium and sometimes may not offer coverage to family members.
    3. In a group health insurance policy, one cannot customize the plan according to individual needs.

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