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Four ways to propel your financial plan forward

Henry Ford once said “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”

The same is true of your financial plan. It takes a team moving in the same direction to bring success.

Here are four ways to propel your financial plan forward.

Make sure all of your “teammates” are coordinated on the same plan. Having your family, business or whomever you consider key to your financial plan success briefed and focused on the same goals is key to success. You may need to set a family meeting with your spouse and children or with your executive business team to make sure that they understand the long-term financial goals that are being set. Having team members aware early on can help reduce small derailments along the way and ensure that everyone is working in coordination towards the same goal.

Recognize diversity as a strength. Just as every individual has a key strength, your financial planning team should also be diverse. Your financial professional can coordinate with your tax adviser, estate planner, and lawyer to make sure that you are covered with tax strategies, estate planning strategies such as wills and trusts and the proper financial planning products for your situation. Working together they can develop a powerful plan.

Keep focus on your long-term goals. There will be winds or rough waters that rock your boat. Continue to keep your focus on the long-term goals and go after them. Remember, there are multiple paths to accomplish the same goals. Small course corrections will help keep you on the path to your ultimate goal.

Stay in close contact with your team. Regular contact with your financial planning team will ensure success. Set aside time to meet with your financial planning team to review fund performance and make any adjustments to the plan that have come about due to market conditions or changes in your family or business.


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