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fmla self audits

FMLA Self-Audits

You can review and revise your FMLA policies and implement them with more confidence—with an internal audit of your company’s employee leave practices, which will also curb leave abuse of your leave policies. This webinar will show you how to do that and more.

FMLA poses challenges (and sometimes headaches) for Human Resources professionals, in-house counsel, supervisors, and business leaders charged with addressing both business needs and FMLA requirements at the same time. They cannot do so without the proper procedures and protocols, policies, forms, internal training, and fundamental knowledge of the law.

But you CAN do it. The best way is to take a pro-active approach. OK, but what does that mean? During this practical webinar, you will learn how to conduct a check-up (aka “audit”) your company’s FMLA practices and procedures in order to ensure compliance.

Areas Covered in this Session

  • FMLA requirements, recent updates and why it’s important to know about them;
  • WHY should you conduct a FMLA self-audit?
  • WHAT should your audit include?
  • COVID-19 and FMLA
  • FMLA recordkeeping, training, leave procedures, and more
  • What the DOL will look for during a FMLA investigation (i.e., trends in types of requests and leaves, approvals, etc., interviews, documents
  • Why you should train employees in FMLA compliance and how to ensure that managers know the proper steps to take to respond to requests, returns to work, etc.
  • Communicating your FMLA leave policy
  • Ensure that you have current, compliant FMLA forms
  • FMLA-related correspondence
  • Recertification guidelines and time frames
  • And more!

March 15th at 1pm. Register here

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