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Everything You Need to Know About Writing a Will

When deciding on a will, you will ask yourself questions like, “Who would become the guardian of my children? How would our assets be used for their care?, and How will my estate be handled?”

There are a lot of things to think about when creating a will.  It can be overwhelming and stressful, but seeking guidance can help make the process easier.  Cosmo Insurance can help you with questions regarding life insurance, health insurance, and finances.  Here are some points to think about when writing up a will:

-Appointing a guardian for your minor children: It is imperative to name a guardian in your will if you have children who are under 18.

-Choosing the beneficiaries for your will:

-Choose an executor for your will: This person will carry out your will.  He or she will take care of everything after you pass including: paying taxes and debt, closing accounts & distributing the property in your will.

-Update your will as your life goes on:  Things change in your life constantly.  You may get divorced, move somewhere new, or have more children.  Always check up on your will to see that everything is in order and up to date.

-Draw up a living will:  This is very important.  God forbid you get severely sick or end up in the hospital, make sure you have a living will ready to make your end-of-life wishes.

If you are thinking about writing a will, you should also consider a life insurance plan.  With a plethora of options, these plans offer you and your entire family peace of mind, and often give your money investment opportunity to allow you to enjoy the money invested during your lifetime.  contact Cosmo Insurance Agency for a quote. 732-363-3888.