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Cosmo alert – Hold on, a Bipartisan Bill is Brought to The Table

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Obamacare is still alive and kicking and the government is working together to find a replacement. The Affordable Care Act is unsustainable and not as the name insists “affordable”. The Problem Solvers Caucus, a group made out of 40 lawmakers, have come together and developed a new bipartisan plan. They are being led by Republican Tom Reed and Democrat Gottheimer. The group is attempting to outline a set of principles aimed at stabilizing health insurance markets and provide the relief needed to individuals, families, and businesses.

Their new plan consists of:

·         cost-sharing reduction payments under Congressional authority that would ensure mandatory funding

·         stabilizing the individual marketplace by creating a dedicated fund for statues to use to bring down premium and limit losses

·         adjustment to the employer mandate from businesses that have 50 to 500 employees

·         repeal the 2.5% medical device tax

·         provide technical changes and guidelines for states seeking to improve exchanges and offer better coverage

This plan may not be able to heal the healthcare industry completely, but a bipartisan route might be the right direction in figuring out a plan. Cosmo Insurance will always be there to help you out no matter which road we go down. We provide the unparalleled service that you need during these uncertain times.

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