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Content With Your Health Plan? Here’s What You Should Do During Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment is almost over, ending on December 15, and if you have decided you want to continue your current plan then you should take this time to review it.

Here is a few things you should keep in mind during Open Enrollment 2018.

Your coverage may automatically be renewed; even so, you may want to take steps to renew it yourself during Open Enrollment.
You don’t want to risk the chance of having no coverage.

If you are receiving a premium tax credit, it is wise to go through the process of reviewing your plan. You may decide that you need to update your income and family information.

You may be eligible for based on the new premiums for the coming year, be sure to check if you are eligible for tax credit.


Open enrollment for 2017 will last for 6 weeks rather than 12 weeks in previous years. Open enrollment starts on November 2017 and ends on December 15, 2017 (6 weeks).

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