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Certified Nurse Day: Acknowledging the Importance of Nurses in The Health Care Industry

The role of nurses in health care is crucial for the health and wellness of patients. They provide endless gratitude and sympathy for patients every single day. The role of nurses includes clinical nursing practices, consultation, follow-up treatment, patient education and illness prevention. It does not end there. Nurses are in all types of facilities and units in hospitals. You can find nurses in neonatal intensive care units, the emergency room, and the labor and delivery unit. They are key parts of making sure a patient is healthy or getting healthy.

Nurses are often times the person who is with the patient the most.

They can do anything from:

  • Implementing the physician’s orders, such as giving medications or changing dressings
  • Assessing the client’s responses to the treatment plan.
  • The nurse is also responsible for evaluating the safety the medical plan of care before implementing it.
  • Educating and coaching the patient on managing their own health
  • The roles may vary depending on the setting and type of nurse

The health care industry would not be what it is today without nurses. We thank all of the hard working, dedicated nurses in the world.

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