Learn about the latest enhancements to AmeriHealth's gender-affirming care policy, set to take effect in January 2024, expanding coverage for various procedures and treatments.

AmeriHealth Announces Enhancements to Gender-Affirming Care Policy

In a significant advancement for inclusive healthcare, AmeriHealth has announced an expansion of its medical policy to cover additional gender-affirming care services. This enhancement, effective from January 2024, underscores AmeriHealth’s commitment to addressing the physical and mental health care needs of its members, especially those pursuing gender-affirming care.

Broadening Coverage for Gender-Affirming Procedures

The updated policy will extend coverage to medically necessary facial and neck reconstruction procedures, encompassing both feminization and masculinization surgeries. This expansion includes a range of specific procedures deemed medically necessary, provided they meet certain criteria. These procedures include:

  • Blepharoplasty
  • Cervicoplasty/Platysmaplasty
  • Chin augmentation (genioplasty, mentoplasty)
  • Facial bone reduction
  • Facial prosthesis
  • Forehead reduction
  • Lip reduction/enhancement
  • Orthognathic procedures
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Rhytidectomy
  • Septoplasty
  • Trachea shave/reduction (thyroid chondroplasty)

This broadening of coverage is a significant step forward in providing comprehensive healthcare options for transgender and gender non-conforming individuals.

Voice Modification Therapy and Surgery

In addition to the surgical procedures, AmeriHealth’s policy update includes coverage for voice modification therapy and surgery. This aspect of gender-affirming care is crucial for many individuals in their transition, helping them align their vocal presentation with their gender identity.

Inclusive Policy for Minors

Recognizing the unique needs of younger members, AmeriHealth will also provide medically necessary coverage for gender-affirming chest surgical procedures for individuals under the age of 18. This decision reflects a growing understanding and acceptance of the importance of early intervention in gender-affirming care.

Streamlined Requirements for Coverage

The updated medical policy simplifies the process for accessing these services. From January 2024, only one letter of recommendation from a behavioral health professional will be required, making the path to receiving gender-affirming care less cumbersome for members.

A Multi-Pronged, Thoughtful Approach

AmeriHealth’s approach to expanding its gender-affirming care policy was comprehensive and multi-pronged. It involved careful consideration of practice guidelines and consultations with specialists in the treatment of individuals with gender dysphoria. This thorough process ensures that the policy changes are aligned with the best practices and emerging trends in transgender healthcare.

Learn about the latest enhancements to AmeriHealth's gender-affirming care policy, set to take effect in January 2024, expanding coverage for various procedures and treatments.

Implications for Current and Future Clients

It’s important to note that these policy updates will apply only to clients who currently have the standard gender-affirming benefit. Clients who do not currently elect to cover gender-affirming care will not be affected by these changes.

Conclusion: A Progressive Step Forward

AmeriHealth’s enhancements to its gender-affirming care policy represent a progressive step in healthcare, acknowledging the diverse needs of its members and reaffirming its commitment to inclusive and comprehensive healthcare services. This policy change is a significant stride towards ensuring that transgender and gender non-conforming individuals receive the medical care and support they need and deserve.

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