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Adrenaline Junkie? These Hobbies May be Affecting Your Life Insurance Costs

Running and hiking aren’t something to worry about when it comes to life insurance costs. Activities that are considered thrilling may be something to worry about.
Insurance companies find certain hobbies dangerous. If you partake in these actives, the insurance company may find you at higher risk to insure.
If you have ever seen the movie, Along Came Polly, you know that insurance under writers believe that shark diving, Mt. Everest climbing; sky diving individuals are at a high risk to insure.

If you want a lower life insurance premium, you may want to stay away from the following hobbies:

Rock climbing

Rock climbing is deemed risky by many insurance companies. Climbing without gear can up your life insurance rates significantly.
This may seem a bit surprising, but life insurance companies do find surfing a risky hobby. Because of the physical elements you put yourself through, surfing is an activity that can boost your insurance premiums.

Motorcycle racing

This one may be a no brainer. Motorcycle racing is a big no-no for insurance companies. Racing motorcycles can be dangerous and deadly.

Ice climbing

Climbing up covered cliffs can be a thrilling experience for some individuals, to insurance companies, it means taking a risk to insure those individuals.

Free running

Otherwise known as parkour, free running usually involves running, jumping and flipping around. This means you are putting yourself at risk to physical harm, which is a flag to life insurance companies.

Other hobbies that may affect your life insurance premiums include:

Bungee jumping
Scuba diving
Racing (car, boat, bike)
Hang gliding
Whitewater rafting
Hot air ballooning
Heli-skiing or snowboarding


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