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4 Tips to Help You Select the Right Employee Benefits Broker

Offering employee benefits are one of your largest business expenses. So, it makes sense to choose a broker who is as invested in your company as you are, rather than just pulling a name out of a hat, it’s as important to vet and interview potential brokers as it is the employees you hire. Here are key questions to ask your potential broker:

What services does he/she provide?

Most brokers manage much more than just basic health care coverage. Choose a broker who is a one stop shop for all types of coverage, including life, dental, vision, disability, and long-term care.

What licenses and/or certifications do they have?

It’s important to ensure that your broker is currently licensed to do business in the states where your business is located. Having a valid license indicated that they went through the proper training to get educated and certified to do business.

Will they help you with open enrollment?

This is a biggie! Your workforce wants to better understand available benefit plans, but open enrollment marketing programs are an enormous undertaking. Having a broker who will do the heavy lifting in this area will free you up to focus more on strategy and educating employees on the right benefits packages based on their needs.

What are the fees?

Brokers can be paid either by commission from insurance companies or they can charge a flat fee so ask upfront.

Bottom line, you want a broker that is not just helpful but also someone who cares about the success of your business and your employees. The right broker will keep up to date and informed on your benefits, current and new legislations.

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