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gym after covid

3 Tips to Make Going Back to the Gym Feel Safer 

It’s no secret that this post-quarantine period has provoked a whole array of feelings, especially with getting back into the gym. If just the thought of returning has you swaying between feeling awkward, joyous, anxious, relieved, downright terrified, or any blend of those, you are not alone. 

Here are some tips you can apply to many spaces, places, and activities during this incredibly challenging time.

Get vaccinated if you are able.

Getting vaccinated will help protect you, help protect others, and help us continue to move toward a fully reopened economy and society.

This will help ease some of the anxieties around developing COVID-19, if that’s one of the things weighing on your mind as you go back to the gym. The research shows that vaccines have been found to reduce symptomatic illness of COVID-19 by up to 94% (depending on the type of vaccine you get) in fully vaccinated people. In other words, if you are vaccinated, you are much less likely to get COVID-19, and if you do get it, you are much less likely to spread it or get severely ill. Vaccines work!

Abide by the guidelines.

Know what the guidelines are and adhere to them. Maintain a distance from other people at the gym, especially if you are unsure if they are vaccinated. Many people at the gym are breathing heavily due to the nature of their workouts, so the six or more feet of distance will help! Additionally, keep washing your hands. Like many of us, if you have eased up on your 20 seconds of washing, be extra mindful, especially during/after using equipment in a gym. 

Don’t feel pressured to put away your mask.

If wearing a mask is the safest thing for you to do (physically or mentally) IT’S OKAY TO STILL DO IT! Don’t let anyone shame you out of wearing a mask. If you don’t feel safe going maskless, get yourself a mask that is especially made for working out.

Start your workout reentry slowly.

Start slowly in terms of frequency of workouts, amount of time spent in each workout, amount of weight you select for your exercises, and new movement patterns. You should always be thoughtful about easing into any new workout because your body will have an adjustment period. 

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