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Why Should You Choose Cosmo Insurance?

Health Insurance

When shopping for health insurance, shop smart.

Don’t be deceived by insurance agencies allowing them to sell you plans from their preferred carriers so that they can clinch the sale and leave you with obstacles to solve.

When you reach out to Cosmo, we spend all the time necessary to determine what your needs and priorities are. We are independent and offer plans from a large spectrum of reputable carriers. We explain your options in great detail and clarity– down to the fine print – so that you can choose a plan that will satisfy you for the long term.

Individual Health Insurance

If you are not affiliated with a business, or wish to purchase insurance independently, we will help you determine your best options. Our particular expertise is in the ACA individual marketplace exchanges. Our knowledge, personal attention, and honesty, will go a long way on your behalf.

Group Health Insurance

Cosmo insurance agency has experience servicing the healthcare needs of groups ranging in size from 2 to 5,000 individuals – all with the same creativity and personal attention that will take the headache off your human resources. We have particular expertise helping businesses navigate the complex Affordable Care Act regulations, which affect groups of over 50 or 100 employees, depending on the state.

Take advantage of our very wide range of conventional and unique group plans with highly competitive rates. Options include:

  • Conventional group insurance
  • Self-funded insurance plans for both small and large groups, offering premiums well below standard market rates
  • Insurance plans that refund to enrollees part of their unused premiums each year
  • HSA plans, which help you save on premiums and enables your money to grow

In addition, Cosmo clients benefit from our unparalleled customer service long after they’ve signed on the dotted line. We continue servicing you with claims, COBRA administration, billing, renewal, compliance, or anything else.

About Us

Why Cosmo

Never assume that you know your best option based on what your read, or heard from a friend or other agent. Cosmo Insurance Agency is a pro at this. We listen to you, zero in on your precise needs, and identify the ideal policy you never thought existed.

Headache Free.

Insurance entails confusing options, paperwork and legalities.

We make it easy. Our team has mastered every detail of the insurance process and takes care of them on your behalf. Choose the best option and sign on the dotted line.

For the long haul.

We don’t say goodbye once your policy is finalized.

At no cost to you, we proactively manage your policy for the long term and help you avoid headaches. We do everything from COBRA notifications to third party collection of premiums, out-of-network claims procession and more.

Contact Cosmo Insurance Agency today at 732-363-3888 today for all of your New Jersey health insurance needs.