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Why Long Term Care is a Necessity

At some point, we all worry about aging, how long our life savings will last, and f we willl be a burden on our children when our bodies give up on us. Long Term Care insurance will give you the protection you will need. A long term care plan benefits will kick in at any point that you can no longer independently perform two of the six “activities of daily living”: eating, bathing, dressing, using the bathroom, and even getting in and out of a chair.

LTC will provide coverage for home aides and therapy, nursing home care, or assisted living. Once you are eligible for LTC benefits, you no longer pay premiums. The earlier you enroll in a LTC plan the lower the premiums are. In recent years, an array of innovative LTC plan types have been introduced to the market, offering you options that are more affordable and ensure that your premiums do not go to waste if you remain independent through ripe old age.

Cosmo offers a variety of options. We can guide you during the process of choosing a long term care plan. Cosmo offers: conventional LTC, life/LTC hybrid, and self insurance/moneyguard.

Did you know that when you combine long term care and life insurance you can save HUNDREDS of dollars.
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