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Why Getting a Good Nights Sleep is Important

Sleep is more important than you think. It dictates your mood, helps you live longer, and can even curb inflammation. It is a significant part of being healthy. It keeps your physical and mental health in check. Getting a good night of sleep is crucial for your health in many ways:

Sleep keeps your heart healthy: Sleep deprivation is a risk factor for heart disease. Poor sleep is linked to high blood pressure and heart attacks. Why? Because not sleeping enough causes your stress hormones to rise. These stress hormones, like cortisol, urge your body to work harder and it doe s not get the sleep it needs to repair your body.

It aids in weight loss: Losing out on sleep boosts the production of gherlin, the hormone that heightens your appetite. Lack of sleep also leads to a decrease in leptin, the hormone that signals feeling full. See? Sleep dictates EVERYTHING.

It keeps your brain from over working itself: One night of not sleeping can leave you feeling groggy, foggy, and unfocused. Lack of sleep can cause you to slack at work.

It boosts your mood: Not sleeping well can leave you feeling frustrated and angry. Most of us feel bubbly and ready to start the day when we get a great night of sleep. Lack of sleep causes anxiety and stress to heighten, causing your day to be over shadowed by your horrible mood.

Sleep is your body’s time of healing and recharging. Make sure you find ways to unwind at night to ensure that you will get better sleep.

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