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Purchasing Health Insurance When Pregnant

Signing up or changing your health insurance plan for pregnancy outside of open enrollment can be quite difficult. Having a solid health insurance plan during your pregnancy can save you money and be beneficial for the wellness of the mother and baby.

Here is a breakdown of when you should purchase life insurance when you become pregnant:

  • Those expecting to deliver after open enrollment have far more options because they can apply for an optimal plan during this designated period
  • If your due date falls just before the designated dates, you can make modifications only if you experience a qualifying life event, or qualify for Medicaid

If you qualify for a life event, you are able to purchase a health insurance plan outside of open enrollment. Becoming pregnant does not count as a qualified life event for health insurance. Below are events that do qualify:

Involuntary loss of other coverage

Individual plan renewing outside of designated times

Becoming a dependent or gaining a dependent because of birth, adoption, or placement in foster care



Becoming a US citizen

A permanent move where different qualified plans are available

An enrollment error that was not your fault

Employer-sponsored plan reduces benefits making it not provide minimum value or raising the cost so that it is unaffordable

When purchasing a health insurance plan when you are expecting, think about the future costs and what exactly you need in a plan. Think about where you will deliver and the possibility of premature birth.

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