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Obamacare Stays/ Promise Broken

Seven Republican voters voted against the repeal of Obamacare. They stated that they are uncomfortable with the repeal without having a definite replacement in place despite being given a two year promise for the changes to be confirmed.

There is talk about a “skinny” repeal that may remove the mandate, the law forcing individuals to be insured, employers of large businesses to provide health coverage to employees and taxes on medical equipment.

It’s unlikely that the bill will pass regardless of tweaking of the replacement details being that those that voted against the original repeal are likely to vote against the skinny repeal; they are skeptical that the changes will lead to a full repeal  without a thought-out plan in place. The assumption is that many Americans will lose coverage in the interim putting them at great risk. 

Regardless of the repeal or changes made, be sure to get guidance from a knowledgeable broker and accurate resources.