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National No Smoking Day: Quit Smoking Today For A Better Rate on Life Insurance

Smoking raises your rates for life insurance

Bad habits are hard to break. Smoking is very addicting and can significantly damage your health. Today is National No Smoking Day and we at Cosmo Insurance know how valuable your health is. Take small steps to stop smoking today.

Smoking will not only hurt your health but it will also hurt your cost of life insurance.

If you or someone you know is a smoker, your cost for life insurance will be remarkably higher than someone who is a nonsmoker.

Facts about smokers buying health insurance:

Quit smoking today because most applicants must have refrained from smoking cigarettes for at least 12 months to qualify for nonsmoker life insurance rates at most companies.

The lowest estimated annual premium for a 20-year $500,000 term life policy for a 40-year-old California man who doesn’t smoke is $348, according to Nerd Wallet research. As a smoker that same man would pay more than four times that amount for the same amount of coverage: $1,515 a year.

Don’t lie on a life insurance application about smoking. Lying is fraud, and insurance companies have ways of ferreting out the truth.

You will get tested using either your blood, urine, and swab from your mouth to detect if you have smoked tobacco.

As an insurance agency, we urge you to quit smoking today. It is better for your health and your insurance costs.

Cosmo Insurance Agency is knowledgeable in various options including but not limited to – term, ROP, permanent and whole – from over two dozen A rated carriers. We are familiar with the rate classifications that particular carriers use to determine the health class of enrollees – and there are significant differences between them. No matter what the results of your medical examination are, we will find the insurer that will provide you will the best rating class and thus the lowest premiums.


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