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How dental health can predict your life expectancy

How dental health can predict your life expectancy:

Brushing your teeth and flossing every day can be a hassle. Even staying away from sugary foods and soda can be hard. But keeping your teeth clean and healthy is more important that you might think.

Did you know that practicing healthy oral regimens can significantly reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes? That’s why your dentist is on top of you to floss and brush your teeth every day.

If that did not convince you enough, did you know that there over 600 different species of bacteria in your mouth at a given time? Don’t get too overwhelmed, most of them are harmless. But, if you aren’t keeping up with your routine oral care, the harmful bacteria can add up and cause things like bad breath, tooth decay, inflammation, and gum disease, which is the real threat to the rest of your body.

The human gums are very vascular. This means that they have a higher concentration of blood vessels compared to the rest of the body. When the gums are inflamed and diseased, this can be an easy way for bacteria to build up and multiply.

Because the gums are vascular, they are directly connected to the heart. If you gums become infected, your immune system is going to work overtime to combat the infection or disease. This can cause, stress, fatigue, and an increase in risk of contracting other diseases and illnesses due to your weakened immune system.

Dental health is extremely important for a healthy smile and healthy body. Purchasing a dental insurance plan is the perfect way to ensure that your oral health is perfect.

Oral health is an important part of overall wellness. Unfortunately, too many people neglect their oral health due to the high costs of dental plan coverage. A low-cost dental insurance plan can ensure that you and your family maintain optimum oral health at a surprisingly manageable monthly premium. Your personalized family dental coverage plan will be designed specifically to your needs by our dental insurance brokers.

At Cosmo Insurance Agency, we search for the best affordable dental insurance plans in New Jersey to suit your individual or group’s specific dental needs. We’ll take the time to ensure that you are covered at the dental providers of your choice.

In some cases, our agents may believe that dental coverage options available to you would not be cost effective. They will always honest and upfront, advising you that paying out of pocket would be a more economical option.

Ask about our dental group insurance plans that have very competitive rates. Their coverage is particularly generous when used out of network, compared to individual plans. Learn how group dental plans can be a fantastic low cost benefit for your employees. Contact us today!