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Celebrate Dentist day by Signing Up For Dental Insurance

What better way to celebrate National Dentist’s Day than to sign up for dental insurance. Why do you need dental insurance? Getting something as little as getting a cavity filled can be costly. Imagine if you had to get a root canal. A root canal can cost up to $2,500.

First, ask your employer if it offers coverage. If the company doesn’t, call Cosmo to learn about the plan that would be right for you.

Dental insurance is important because:

Preventive care is almost always covered: By going to your regular checkups at the dentist, you can catch problems earlier, which will save your teeth and money.

If you do need treatment, it will cost you less: When you receive a covered treatment from a network dentist, part (or all) of the cost is paid by the dental insurance carrier and any remaining cost is paid by the patient. Dentists who belong to dental carrier networks have agreed to discounted prices, so your out-of-pocket cost is less than if you didn’t have dental insurance.

Other facts about dental insurance:

1 in 4 Americans under 65 don’t have dental insurance.

92% of adults have had dental caries in their permanent teeth and 26% of untreated decay.

Preventative Care Saves Lives

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Why is Dental Insurance Important?