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Appreciating Pharmacists on World Pharmacist Day

World Pharmacists Day celebrates the numerous contributions the pharmacy profession makes to health. From research and development of medicines, to educating future pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists, and providing direct care, we do all this in the service of our patients and communities.  Pharmacists are a huge part of the health care system.  They work hand in hand with doctors.  They are responsible for patients become healthier again. Some of their contributions are:

-Dispensing Correct Medicine:  Pharmacists check the perceptions from physicians before giving the medication to patients.  They ensure that the patients receive the right drugs and take the right dosage.

-Checking other medicines:  Pharmacists check that if patients are prescribed multiple drugs that all the drugs can be combined together without dangerous drug interactions.

Patient advice:  Pharmacists give information about the possible side effects from the medication prescribed, when to take the medication, and if they should eat and drink with the medication.

We can all agree that pharmacists are a part of keeping everyone healthy.

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