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What to get for Mother’s Day if Your Mom is in a Long-Term Care Facility

Mothers Day is the day we take a few minutes to appreciate our mothers. We pamper them or take them to brunch or a spa day to show our love. But what happens when Mom is in a Long-term care facility? It can be difficult to know what to bring to a nursing home or hospital but sometimes the simplest things mean the most.

1. Clothing
If your mom can leave the nursing home for a short amount of time, a quick trip to the store and some new clothes might boost her spirits. If she can’t get out, maybe surprise her with a few items you think she might like, or help her with online shopping.
 2. Pictures
When someone is in a long-term care facility they often miss out on events and milestones. Framed photos or a photo book of all of her kids and grandkids may spark some good memories and make her smile. Photos are comforting and can help them not feel so lonely when she doesn’t have visitors.
3. Music
Bringing in CDs or tapes with your mother’s favorite hymns or music on them can be a great gift. It shows you’ve payed attention to what she likes, and the music can be soothing and entertaining. Music has also been shown to improve depression, anxiety, and even memory and cognitive thought.
 4. Just Your Time
Being alone in a nursing care away from your loved ones can be painful and lonely. Take time to go see your mother this mother’s day, even if you only bring a card. People in long-term care facilities that have regular visitors are more likely to have improved health, and less likely to develop depression.

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