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The Value of Setting Goals at Work

Helping employees build workplace goals can set them up for success for the months ahead. Not to mention, goal setting can keep staff motivated and focused and improves workplace satisfaction and productivity.

Employers can assist employees with goal setting at work by:

  • Asking employees to record and track individual goals
  • Encouraging attainable, measurable goal setting
  • Following up with employees to determine if goals were met
  • Implementing routine employee performance appraisals
  • Offering rewards for employees who regularly meet workplace goals

Organizations can help guide employees and make suggestions for setting goals at the office, but staff members should work to establish their own professional goals.

Characteristics of Workplace Goals

Goals set by employees can come in various forms and might include:

  • Goals that improve the company morale, general office environment, or bottom line
  • Healthy workplace habits that contribute to the success
  • Healthy lifestyle goals that enhance energy and focus
  • Goals that aim to improve work quality
  • Measurable productivity, customer service, or sales goals

Productivity goals can relate to the number of products manufactured, sales quotas met or even the number of phone calls, emails and projects completed. Meanwhile, customer service goals might include receiving quality ratings from surveys.

Employees’ individual workplace goals depend on the position held, but healthy lifestyle goals are relevant for all jobs. That’s because healthy lifestyle habits mean more energy and better focus at work.

Rewarding Employee Success

What better way to show employees gratitude for a job well done than by offering rewards for meeting workplace goals? Examples of common rewards offered at successful organizations include:

  • Commission for meeting sales goals
  • Monetary bonuses
  • Early release days
  • Work from home days
  • Gift cards
  • Company-wide employee recognition

It’s a good idea to establish guidelines for rewarding employees who achieve their professional goals. Doing so can improve job satisfaction, boost morale, heighten motivation and illustrate exactly how much your organization cares about workers’ well-being.

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