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Four Reasons Why Health Insurance is a Necessity in New Jersey

It is essential for everyone to always have some form of health insurance.  Not only does it provide you with financial protection, it provides you with health protection.

Medical Emergencies Can Burry You In Debt

Medical emergencies are expensive.  Experience a medical emergency without insurance can make it extremely worse.  Your medical debt can be crippling.  Imagine falling off a bike and having to visit the emergency room, having no health insurance means paying everything out of pocket.  A ride in an ambulance can be up to three thousand dollars.

Even with insurance you may find it difficult to pay for health care costs in these instances. It is very hard to pay for medical costs without health insurance, especially if you are checked into a hospital even just overnight.

Health Insurance Is Required by the Affordable Care Act

Yes, if you do not have health insurance, you will be fined.    The ACA requires everyone to have health insurance, no matter what age you are.  Take your time and pick a plan that is right for you.  Cosmo is here to help you if you are confused about what plan to go with.  We truly care about guiding you to choosing the right plan FOR YOU.  Financial needs, health needs, and family needs all come into consideration when choosing a health insurance plan.  

Take the time to research them carefully if you are interested in choosing one instead of insurance.

Preventative Care Keeps You Healthier, Longer

A minor sickness can grow into something bigger. When your health escalates you will need more medical attention.  With your health insurance plan, you receive preventative care benefits which aid in keeping you healthy longer.

Health Insurance Is a Necessity

Health insurance is not a luxury; it is a necessity. Never make the mistake of not having health coverage.  No one is invincible and sickness affects everyone at one point or another.  Health insurance is there to keep you from being buried in debt.

Cosmo Insurance Agency is an independent insurance agency serving surrounding communities in New Jersey. Cosmo keeps its promise to assure an efficient and creative approach to the services we offer. Each of our clients experience a personalized and long-term relationship with us. Our New Jersey based team of health brokers guides our clients in helping them choose the most cost-effective options. By incorporating the latest in technology-based tools and laws on healthcare, employee benefits, life insurance and finance, we keep our clients up-to-date with the plans that encompass all of their needs, whether it is individual or group insurance. 


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