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Do you know how to get the most out of your insurance plan?

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Its important to have a relationship with your insurance agency.

We at COSMO INSURANCE are your friends helping you navigate the insurance world, making sure you’re getting the most out of your plan.

This is how we are different and excel over other agencies.

Making customers feel valued means our agents go beyond trying to be helpful, courteous, and efficient when answering client queries. These areas are certainly important, but our agents can make clients feel special by personalizing their interactions and going the extra mile at times.

Stepping in

We step in for you when you aren’t even aware there is something more that can be done.

Take the story of Lisa as an example.

Lisa visited her orthodontist and was expecting the visit to be covered.

When she was told the visit wasn’t covered she contacted us.

We realized the reason being that she was not on her plan for long enough to be covered.

Cosmo got on it right away and was able to get her a one-time exception!

We at COSMO are here for you!

Indebt knowledge of clients accounts and benefits.

Cosmo agents go the extra mile to make sure you are receiving the full reimbursement amount owed to you.

Sam was receiving mental health therapy that was out of network.

He was not receiving the full reimbursement for his visits. After thoroughly looking into the matter, COSMO was able to get him reimbursed for the full amount and retroactively!

This is why people chose COSMO INSURANCE.

Our agents are trained to go the extra mile.

We do a lot more then just sell you your insurance.

COSMO cares.

Open enrollment is in full swing and we are already one month in!

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