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Companies That Care Day: Ways to Show Your Employees That They Matter

Working for a company that you feel cares about your work is an important aspect of being productive at work. Companies that truly care about the well-being of their employees are shown to have harder working and more motivated employees.

The Center for Companies that Care was founded in 2003 to promote the social sustainability and improvement of the lives of individuals, families, and communities through the education of employers in the principles of a socially responsible employer, according to their website.

Ways to show appreciation to your employees:

1. Show them that you care about their personal lives. Ask about their significant others and their families. Invite their significant others to office parties.

2. Reward your employees for doing well. Offering something like a cash bonus, free food, or even a rare compliment is a great way to show that you care.

3. Create opportunities for growth within the company. If an employee shows interest of growing within the company, show them that there are opportunities to move up. Give them a taste of a new position by assigning new tasks and sending them to certain events to gain experience.

4. Give constructive criticism. If your employee asks for feedback, don’t lie; tell them exactly what you think. Employees appreciate feedback that can be useful for them to improve in their role.

5. Offer benefits. It is proven that an employee will stick around for the long run if your company offers benefits. Health insurance, dental insurance, and vision insurance are all significant aspects when someone is job searching. Show your employees you care by purchasing a group life insurance plan.

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11 Simple Ways To Show Your Employees You Care