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Benefits of Building an Inclusive Workplace

There’s plenty of talk about maintaining a work/life balance, but many employees want to feel human while at work, too. Being able to bring their whole-self, according to “3 Ways to Create a More Human Workplace,” from Workforce, is an essential piece of a welcoming, inclusive workplace environment.

Putting employees first as a company value means helping them feel connected, valued, and like their work has an impact. Promoting employee well-being enhances everything from engagement to loyalty.

Small changes, like adding breaks into the day, and wellness initiatives, are some of the best investments, time, and money a company can make for its employees.

As companies think about the customer experience, it’s also a good idea to consider the employee experience. Employers should consider if their employees would eagerly recommend a friend to apply for a position and craft a workplace experience that makes that a reality.

Beyond the overall workplace environment, employers can strive to make the workplace a more inclusive space, according to “6 Steps for Building an Inclusive Workplace,” from the Society for Human Resource Management. After successfully hiring a diverse team, employers need to support and maintain talented individuals.

It all starts at the top, with training for leadership on topics ranging from inclusion to unconscious bias to training on how to accommodate an employee with a disability best. Creating a dedicated committee to act as mediators between executives and employees, precise employee goal setting, and regular reviews are just a few next steps.

Providing dedicated time, space, and opportunities to share individuals’ backgrounds and opinions can help employees feel connected and seen. Assuring diversity is supported in both action and physical space, whether a meditation or prayer room or a space for nursing mothers. 

Even the way day-to-day work happens can show how inclusive a company is. Employers can learn what employees need and want by just making time to listen to them. Having leadership and management communicate goals and measure progress for an inclusive workplace ensures everyone knows inclusion is valued.

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