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8 Ways to Prepare for Flu Season

Winter is here and that means flu season is coming along with it.  The flu does not discriminate who it infects.  Workers miss approximately 5 days a year due to the flu.  There are ways to prevent and prepare for the upcoming flu season.

1. Make sure your house is stocked for the winter.  Buy some tissues, hand soap, hand sanitizers, and paper towels.

2. Your medicine cabinet should be stocked too.  Load up on pain relievers, fever reducers, Nyquil, and any other medications you use to fight flu season.

3. Wash your hands constantly.  Your hands spread the flu like rapid fire.  Washing your hands correctly prevents flu from spreading.

4. Buy some sanitizers for around the house.  Buying travel hand sanitizers help too.

5. Disinfect.  It’s important to disinfect your hands and also your house.  Mostly make sure that doorknobs, remote controls, and phones and disinfected each day.

6. Get your flu shot!  This is major when preventing you from receiving the flu or spreading it.

7. Rest. Get plenty of sleep; your body needs it to fight off bacteria and sickness.

8. Fuel your body with Vitamin C.  Vitamin C is the king of fighting sickness.

Cosmo Insurance Agency always prepares for the flu season.  We offer benefits with low deductibles when going to the doctor during the nasty flu season.  Call us today with questions on how much you pay during doctors’ visits.  732-363-3888.

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