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6 Ways a Snow Day is Good for Your Health

Stuck inside? It’s not a bad thing. It turns out a snow day can be good for more than just building snowmen and drinking hot cocoa. The snow may be doing your mind and body a favor with the extra snowflakes. Here are 6 ways a snow day might benefit your health:

1. It lets you sleep. The power of sleep is very important. Getting the right amount of sleep can make us healthier and result in fewer sick days from work.


2. Playing in the snow counts as a major exercise. Walking through the snow can be a serious workout. Even building a snowman is a way to get your heart pumping and crush a lot of calories.


3. Curled up with a good book. Spending the day enjoying a good book can improve your health and happiness.


4. It forces you to take a vacation. Many of us work a lot of hours and don’t actually use all of our vacation time. Not taking time off can hurt your productivity at work. So, snow days force us to take some time for ourselves.


Finally, having fun is good for you. Whether you prefer to spend the day outside or under covers enjoying a good book or catching up on movies and shows. Enjoying yourself for a day is a benefit to your health.

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