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3 Tips For Your Work from Home Workspace

The future of living in pandemic fast approaching some offices are re-opening. In contrast, others have announced their plans to implement hybrid work models. Meanwhile, some employees have chosen to continue working remotely at their current job or pursuing a permanently remote career. A new study from the Best Practice Institute found that over 83 percent of CEOs surveyed want employees to return in person, but “only 10 percent of respondents want to go back to a fully in-office culture.”

Some remote employees have settled into a routine, while others are still trying to find their way, even if they prefer to telecommute. Just like office culture isn’t for everyone, finding the proper at-home work set-up can make or break someone’s experience.

Adapting to working from home isn’t always easy, and finding what works for you does take time. If you’re hoping to continue working remotely moving forward, here are three tips from experts on how to improve your at-home work/life balance. 

Are you putting yourself first?

Working from home can be convenient, but the lack of a daily commute can eliminate that much-needed boundary between work and home life, causing the two to blend and contributing to high rates of burnout

Working from home can oftentimes mean fewer breaks because those walks to and from the office and going out to or picking up lunch often helped break up the workday and give people the necessary time to reset. Maybe that lack of in-office structure makes it more challenging to check in with yourself and your needs throughout the workday. To combat that, try cutting out time in your day to take breaks, like going out for a walk or meditating. If you’re stuck in meetings or calls all day, try taking a call sitting outside; even the change of scenery from your office set-up or living room can help recharge your brain.

Are you strategic about your set-up?

Your work environment can significantly impact your levels of productivity and general happiness, no matter where you work. Try setting up your workspace near a window that gets plenty of light throughout the day. 

Sometimes people forget how much sounds contribute to their environment. Do you miss working in a café or crave some other kind of noise throughout the workday? Try incorporating soundscapes or music in your space; find what works for you, maybe it’s silence or music.  

How often do you declutter your workspace?

Working in the office means you could leave your mess, your pile of papers, and even your work computer at the office. Working from home eliminates that. If you’re relying on your personal computer for work, an organization can help you set boundaries between work and personal time. Whenever you have the time, go through old files that are no longer needed, and focus on organizing your desktop into designated folders. 

One of the most critical tips is to ensure your desk is clear at the end of the day. Walking past your desk after-hours and seeing unfinished work will only remind you of your to-do list, affecting how you spend and enjoy your off-hours. Make sure to close or minimize all of your work-related tabs. As a result, you can enter your workspace with fresh eyes and a fresh start the next day.

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