Think You May Have the Flu? What to Do and Not Do

No one wants to get the flu but it’s the most common sickness to get, especially during October through March. The first thing everyone wants to know when they get the flu is how soon it will go away.

Oscars 2019: Must See Moments

From Lady Gaga and Brad Copper’s amazing performance to Ragina King’s first Oscar, here is a highlight of the must see moments:

5 Health Benefits of Margaritas

margarita day

Margaritas contain some #healthy nutrients that may be beneficial for our health. Yes, margaritas are healthy in moderations, this may be shocking news for some people. Margarita is a type […]

Stress Can Affect Your Oral Health

It’s well documented that stress can have an effect on your overall health, but did you know your oral health might also be at risk?

Smelling Gasoline Can Become a Dangerous Addiction

If you’ve ever pulled up to a gas station and actually enjoyed the strong gasoline odor, you’re not the only one. Although not everyone does, many people do find the smell a pleasant one. Some even like it so much that they go on to form an addiction to the smell.